All About Pectin

All About Pectin

Pectin is a form of fiber compound mostly used for the preparation of medicines and food products.

Here we are going to see all about pectin

This fruit fiber

This fruit fiber can be used for the treatment of many health issues like high cholesterol, diabetes and acid reflux. At times, this fruit fiber is also used for the treatment of prostate cancer and...

Pectin compounds

At present, pectin compounds are commonly added for the preparation of food products like jams. Also, this fiber source is a main ingredient in many medicines that treat mouth ulcers. Also, you can include pectin...

The troubles due to constipation

As per studies, compounds in pectin are found to be very beneficial to alleviate the troubles due to constipation.
How can pectin treat cholesterol level in body?

How can pectin treat cholesterol level in body?

This query is common from people. Generally, pectin fiber serve as a medium to lower the rise in LDL cholesterol level. Consumption of food sources with pectin is safe for both pregnant women and breastfeeding women. Hence it can be safely recommended to people under all age groups. Excessive inclusion of pectin in daily life can act as a cause for loose stools. Hence never hesitate to get guidance from concerned health practitioner before taking medicine.

Pectin in fruits

Pectin is a main source in apples and many citrus fruits like lemon, grapefruit and oranges. Fruits like apples and oranges are generally treated with hot acidified water to get pectin in desired form. Many among the health practitioners are recommending fruits like apples with pectin as a home remedy to cure health issues like constipation. At present, pectin compounds can be easily obtained from online stores in the form of liquid extracts. These liquid extracts are generally combined with sulphur dioxide and sold in market for various purposes.

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Classification of pectin

Classification of pectin

Generally, pectin compounds used for the preparation of food product are categorized into two as high methoxyl and low methoxyl. High methoxyl is the pectin compound generally added with sugars and acids to preserve food sources. This type of High methoxyl is generally used for the preparation of fruit jams. High methoxyl pectin can be again divided into various types like rapid set time type and slow set time type. Pectin compounds from grapefruits generally come under slow set time type.

Unlike high methoxyl, low methoxyl type pectin needs calcium to start the gelling process. At present, low methoxyl type pectin is mainly used for the preparation of dairy products and food products without sugar. Hence people suffering from health issues like diabetes and lactose intolerance can easily make use of this pectin source as per the need.